Confirmation Disciple Project

When Confirmation began earlier this year, we asked the question: “What can we do to encourage the participation of our youth in the church after they are confirmed?” We decided to do a “Confirmation Reformation” and revamp the project and process that our 8th graders undertake during the year of Confirmation. The result of revamping the program was a new name: The Confirmation Disciple Project.

As part of The Disciple Project, each Confirmand would engage in a 30-day Christian practice/spiritual discipline at some point during the year. During these 30 days, they would experience their chosen practice daily and take notes using a journal. In the journal, they would reflect on how they experienced God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit through the process. In the end, they would create a way to visually display and tell the story of their project.

The culmination of their experiences will be the Confirmation Disciple Project Expo this Sunday, May 15, following 10:00 a.m. worship in the Gymnasium. The Expo is an excellent opportunity for the congregation to get a glimpse of the faith of our youth. The faith of our Confirmands is not just something that they will publically profess the following week in worship, but that they have lived out in intentional ways. I invite you to come and see the creativity and faithfulness of our youth this week. You may find your own faith strengthened as a result.