Maundy Thursday, April 6, 2023


 Maundy Thursday     Transcript


Prelude: Variations on Wondrous Love
Music: ©1959 G. Schirmer, Inc. All rights reserved.

Anthem: O Vos Omnes
Music: Pablo Casals, 1942 Music: ©1965 Tetra Music Corp. (admin. Plymouth Music Company).
All rights reserved.

Hymn: A Prophet-Woman Broke a Jar
Text: Brian Wren, 1991. Music: Robert Lowry, 1869, alt. Text: ©1993 Hope Publishing Company.
Reprinted and streamed with permission under ONE LICENSE #A-716211. All rights reserved.

Offertory Anthem: Crux Fidelis
Text: John IV of Portugal (1604-1656). Music: Jean Roger-Ducasse, 1911.
Music: ©1912 Editions Durand, Paris. English translation: ©1982 Editions Durand, Paris.
(a div. of Universal Music Publishing Group, Inc.) All rights reserved.