God Saw That It Was Good

At the first week of the Genesis series this past Wednesday, we took note of the refrain in Gen 1—as God creates the sky, the stars, the fishes in the sea, from time to time we hear: “God saw that it was good.” What, someone asked, does the text mean by “good”? 

Does it mean complete? Or beautiful? Or somehow right and fitting? It’s in a way a beautiful question—what does God love in God’s own creation? What strikes God as “good” and how? It is a privilege to witness this kind of conversation with our faith, to see a spark of God’s truth as we contemplate and worship and serve together.

More church activity doesn’t always mean more church engagement or a better Christian life together. But just now, as Lent takes hold and we move from class to worship to aesthetic awe to shared meal together, the activity feels like a unified whole to me, more like a dance than a mad scramble. There are moments when we get a glimpse of the life in abundance, shared with one another and with Christ, that Jesus promised. In our shared experience of Lent, even in our shared joy in signs of spring, it may be that we can together glimpse a little of what God saw, when God saw that it was good.