Scholarship Program

Middleton Counseling Center Scholarship Policy

Scholarship Philosophy:
The Middleton Counseling Center believes quality counseling should be available to all people. Scholarships are offered as a way of fulfilling this belief. Scholarships are available for individuals, couples, or families who cannot pay the full fee for their counseling services. Scholarships are gifts given for the benefit of the counselee.

Approach to Scholarships:
Because there is a limited amount of scholarship funds available each year, the Middleton Counseling Center has a specific process by which it awards scholarships. This process exists to provide scholarships in a consistent, intentional manner.

To be eligible for a scholarship, a counselee must:

  • Complete the Middleton Counseling Center Scholarship Form
    Provide a copy of the front page of their most recent tax filing which indicates their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) OR provide a copy of their most recent paycheck stub.

Scholarship amounts:
A client’s AGI determines their fee at the Middleton Counseling Center. The scholarship amount is the difference between the amount the counselee pays and $105. In the chart below the scholarship amount is listed in parenthesis:


AGI Single Single Married-Jointly
Unemployed - $29,999 $20 ($85) $20 ($85)
$30,000-$36,999 $30 ($75) $25 ($80)
$37,000-$43,999 $35 ($70) $30 ($75)
$44,000-$49,999 $40 ($65) $35 ($70)
$50,000-$56,999 $50 ($55) $40 ($65)
$57,000-$63,999 $65 ($40) $60 ($45)
$64,000-$69,999 $90 ($15) $80 ($25)
$70,000+ $105 ($0) $105 ($0)

Scholarship commitment:
A counselee must submit updated AGI information annually to determine their eligibility to continue receiving a scholarship. A counselee is eligible to receive a scholarship for up to three years. After three years there must be approval from the Middleton Counseling Center Director for the scholarship to continue.

Apply Here

Apply to the Middleton Counseling Center Scholarship either online or by downloading our fillable form and sending it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..