Welcoming 2021

At midnight tonight, 2020 comes to a close. 

It is both trite and insufficient to say it has been a difficult year for many. Our days were often spent in isolation, fear, and uncertainty. The causes were numerous: the pandemic, the presidential election, and racial injustices, to name a few national and global sources. Closer to home we lost loved ones, struggled to pay bills and purchase basic essentials, and lamented the physical separation from our church. 

Of course, these maligning moments do not tell the full story of 2020. We also witnessed bravery, courage, and unity: millions marched to protest racial injustice, families were able to spend more time together, and many of you volunteered to buy groceries, run errands, and help your neighbors. It was a year of loss, of opportunity, of grief, and of new beginnings. 

As we end this year and look ahead to 2021, I encourage you to take a few moments to utilize the Prayer Stations for the New Year, designed by the Caring Ministries team. These prayer stations were put together to specifically guide you through processing the past year and setting a clear intention for the year to come. You can find them online at www.bmpc.org/2021

There are seven stations:

  1. Pause/Center/Enter
  2. Lament
  3. Remember
  4. Silence
  5. Light
  6. Gratitude
  7. Intention

Follow these seven stations at your own pace. In so doing, I pray you take time to commune with God, to reflect on where God has led you these past 365 days and where God is guiding you in the days ahead. Even amidst the greatest seasons of uncertainty and fear, we can take comfort in knowing that God is always with us, meeting us on the road of life right where we are. 

On behalf of the entire Caring Ministries Team (Carol Cherry, Parish Nurse; Renee Malnak, Social Worker; Kiki McKendrick, Administrator at the Middleton Counseling Center) I wish you a happy and healthy 2021, filled with God’s love and grace. 

To journey through the prayer stations, please click here