Thanksgiving Day Prayer

God of all creation, as we celebrate this uniquely American tradition of Thanksgiving Day, we give thanks that we are a country founded among diverse peoples. For our Native American predecessors and for our immigrant ancestors who came to these shores and enjoyed a season of peace together, we give you thanks.

On this day, as we remember our indigenous and pilgrim forebears feasting together, we join our hearts using words of thanks passed down from the Iroquois: We return thanks to our mother, the earth which sustains us. We return thanks to the rivers and streams which supply us water. We return thanks to the corn, and to her sisters the beans and squashes, which give us life. We return thanks to the moon and stars which have given to us their light when the sun was gone. We return thanks to the sun that has looked upon the earth with a beneficent eye. Lastly, we return thanks to the Great Spirit, in whom is embodied all goodness and who directs all things good for your children.  

By the guiding presence of Christ in our midst, direct us anew toward your goodness, and bless our dear nation with a shared vision of justice and peace for your children of every race and creed. May the memory of those earliest Thanksgiving meals in our land inspire us again to live in harmony for the sake of the common good. May our feasting together this day be a sign of hope for your banquet table yet to come when all will be welcomed, all will be fed, and together we will share in the blessed life you intend for all the families of the earth. Amen.