Brian K. Ballard

Celebrating Brian K. Ballard’s Ordination

Whenever we celebrate the Ordination and Installation of elders, deacons or pastors, we are called to give answers to the constitutional questions of the Presbyterian Church (USA). These questions begin by asking affirmations of faith about trusting Jesus Christ and believing in God as revealed in the three persons of the Trinity. They cover accepting the Scriptures as authoritative, the essential tenets of the Reformed faith as our guide, and if we will abide by the governance of our denomination.

And then the ordination questions get very personal. Will you in your own life follow the Lord Jesus Christ, love your neighbors and work for the reconciliation of the world? That is a very daunting question, but there is a subsequent question that helps us imagine how we might keep that nearly impossible vow to keep: Will you pray for and seek to serve the people with energy, intelligence, imagination and love?

Energy. Intelligence. Imagination. Love. These are among the spiritual gifts God gives to servant leaders of the church of Jesus Christ. Energy. Intelligence. Imagination. Love.

In the months that Brian Ballard has served Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church as Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care, he has already demonstrated a high level of energy, a keen intelligence, a delightful imagination and a seemingly endless capacity for love. He has made countless pastoral visits, has nurtured his areas of ministry to broaden their scope of service, and is helping us reimagine how we can further the love of Jesus Christ through the caring ministries of this church.

What a privilege it is for us to celebrate his Ordination to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament and his Installation as Associate Pastor at BMPC this Sunday! I invite you to join us in the Chapel at 4:00 p.m. for this special service and the reception following so that you can meet Brian’s family, welcome special guests, and celebrate being the community of faith where God has called Brian Ballard to serve.