Summer Break/Breaking Ground

Another program year has ended! And all God’s people (or at least the BMPC pastors) said, Amen!

Following the 10:00 a.m. service this Sunday, June 9, we will celebrate the conclusion of a busy season in the life of our church with lemonade and ice cream sundaes on the front lawn.

While the programming of the church takes a bit of a hiatus during the summer months, behind the scenes we are already preparing for what’s ahead. With new clergy arriving to join the pastoral team and ground about to be broken for campus renovations, we are enthusiastic about what’s to come!

Interestingly enough, we are doing these renovations in preparation for our 150th anniversary as a congregation in 2023, celebrating the past by preparing for the future. The designs for the spaces, both reimagined and new, are reflective of our intentional desire to mirror the gothic architecture of our present campus. We want these newly-designed structures to look as if they belong here. We want them to tell the story of the present-future hope of our Christian faith and the wonderful history of our congregation.

I suppose that’s what all major upgrades are about. Whether they involve makeovers of a building or even a person! We are always attempting to recreate or redirect our future and at the same time remember our past.

So as we prepare to launch into our summer travels and time off, I hope you’ll be present this Sunday as we say hello to summer, goodbye to our education building in its present form, and savor life’s sweetness with an ice cream sundae or two.