Congregational Meeting May 5

Dear BMPC Friends,

With great joy I am happy to announce that the Session has called a Congregational Meeting for Sunday, May 5, following the 10:00 a.m. worship service for the purpose of acting upon the recommendations of our two Associate Pastor Nominating Committees: Leigh DeVries as Associate Pastor for Youth and their Families and Brian K. Ballard as Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care and Senior Adults.

These search committees held open forums to solicit input from the congregation, networked with church pastors, seminary presidents, faculty and friends of BMPC, and they received many referrals for these positions. Each APNC reviewed well over one hundred Personal Information Forms of potential candidates, interviewed multiple candidates by phone and Skype, and brought finalists in for multi-day visits to our church campus. We are confident that God has led us to Brian Ballard and Leigh DeVries. 

Leigh and Brian will be in attendance on May 5. They will participate in worship leadership and be present at the reception following the Congregational Meeting. If elected by the congregation, Brian will begin his work among us on June 10, and Leigh will join us on July 1. I am confident these new additions to our already outstanding pastoral and program staff will lead us to new heights of ministry and mission, care and compassion.

The members of the APNCs join me in celebrating the completion of these searches with a clear sense of call to each of these candidates. And we are grateful to them for their time and deep commitment invested in this process. In the comings and goings of summer, I hope you look forward to extending a warm welcome to Leigh DeVries and Brian Ballard as they begin their ministry among us.

Grace and Peace,

Agnes W. Norfleet, Pastor


APNC for Pastoral Care and Senior Adults                    
Ronald Gregg, Chair   
Marian Chitester
John Frazier IV
Robert Guthrie
Anne Lee
Janet Ryan
J. Brian Walsh

APNC for Youth and their Families
Steven Udicious & Emily Cieri, Co-chairs
Susan Daley-Gibson
Gary Davis
Stacey Fagan
Christina Haas
Emily Peetros
Aidan Vartanian