Our Next Symposium: Getting Unstuck

“I’m stuck in a rut.” “I know the steps I need to take, but I just can’t move forward.” “My partner and I are on different pages about what to do next.” 

At one time or another we all get stuck. It’s universal. Perhaps it’s trying to grow a business, accepting the empty nest, working through a seemingly futile job search, downsizing the big house, accepting physical limitations, or deciding to retire. We all face those times of transition, and for one reason or another, find ourselves bogged down, unable to take the next step.

In the children’s book, Bear’s Truck is Stuck, animal friends try their best to help move the truck out of the muddy muck. Not until they pool their resources do they succeed in getting the truck unstuck. 

On Saturday, March 2, Caring Ministries presents “The Next Step: Getting Unstuck.” We’ll address what needs to be in our toolkit to help us navigate transitions. How do we recognize we are physically, emotionally or spiritually stuck? What practical help do we need and what practices can we embrace to help navigate those all-important transitions?

A distinguished panel will lead the three-hour free symposium, which is open to the community. More information available here. Register: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.