Support theVillage Backpack Collection

I loved the first day of school. I loved pulling out my new pencil box with perfectly sharpened pencils, admiring the brand new crayons still in perfect order. I remember organizing and reorganizing my backpack so everything would be ready.

It was the first day of first or second grade, when we were given a simple assignment to draw a picture from the summer. My crayons were at the ready! One of the students sitting next to me looked nervous. “I forgot my crayons,” she said as I let her borrow mine.

As the assignment progressed, I found out she had forgotten her pencils, her ruler, and even the box of tissues. She wasn’t even sure of her address. It was during that year, my new friend explained what it meant to be placed in foster care.

I couldn’t really wrap my mind around the fact that she hadn’t forgotten her school supplies, but rather she had been placed just the day before school began and there were no supplies for her. I still imagine how difficult it must have been to walk into a new classroom in a new school and not even have a pencil to write your name.

We know that every child is created in the image of God and blessed with gifts we can only imagine. Every student should have the opportunity to begin the year with the resources they need to grow.

For the past four weeks, I have been astounded by the generosity this congregation has shown! ] Each day filled backpacks and supplies have arrived at the church. This week and next, students in our Sunday School will help assemble additional backpacks. Each backpack will be given to a student in theVillage’s fostering program. To the many of you who have already given so much: THANK YOU! For those of you who would still like to help you can:

  1. Fill a complete backpack. Here’s the supply list.
  2. Buy individual supplies. (Most needed: Backpacks, pre-sharpened pencils, notebook dividers, loose leaf paper (college ruled), graph paper, 24 count colored pencils, and fat crayons).
  3. Purchase supplies online from Amazon.

Please return all supplies and backpacks to the church on or before Sunday, August 6.