Good News in Overwhelmed-ness

“Like trying to take a drink of water from a fire hose.” That’s how I’ve described these first few weeks of my life and work here at BMPC. Maybe it’s because I came from a small congregation in a rural part of the country. Or maybe it’s because in a church this large, there are a lot of systems and programs with which to become acquainted. Or maybe it’s because I’ve gotten lost more than once and somehow ended up in the Sanctuary basement. Regardless of the reason, I’ve felt the strong urge to nap every time I come home for lunch.

Between meetings and greeting new people, the beginning of stewardship planning, adult education study, new member orientation development, worship preparation, learning how to check my voicemail and email (we simply used carrier pigeons in Kentucky), and the like, it can be an overwhelming place to encounter.

But even in the overwhelmed-ness, the Good News is hard to miss. Isn’t it worth rejoicing over that in a region of the country where religious affiliation is on the decline, we are a part of a thriving and growing community of the faithful who gather to worship, and then are sent out to love and serve? Isn’t it incredible that just last week more than 150 children filled our 90-year-old Sanctuary with the sounds of laughter, learning, and praise during their week of Vacation Bible Camp?

And isn’t it worth our time, treasure, and talents to continue to bless this place so that it will keep blessing others in Jesus’ name? Because at the end of the day, that’s what these programs, structures, Sunday School lessons, kid’s camps, capital campaigns, and even feisty voicemail systems are all about — sharing the redeeming work of Christ with a broken world. Which means it’s worth it.

Can it all be overwhelming? Sure it can. But it should also give us a reason to celebrate! Which I’ll be sure to do, right after I take a quick nap.