How do you tell the story of God's love?

As each child runs past me, I read the same question written across the back of their VBC T-shirt: “How do you tell the story of God’s love?” This week as we’ve been learning about Jesus’ parables and the ways he described God’s love to the world, and while we’ve been learning those parables, I’ve also seen the story of God’s love told in the actions and the work of our camp’s participants.

Our fourth and fifth graders have been serving all around Philadelphia while our youth have been leading activities and small groups. Our volunteers have made each of our campers feel welcomed and whole. Amazing community members from Acting Without Boundaries shared new ways of telling stories. This week I have seen the story of God’s love lived out in this congregation!

God’s love has moved in song and dance.

God’s love has been spoken in plays, paint, compassion, and in snacks prepared.

God’s love has exploded in creative projects and in thoughtful conversations.

God’s love has helped in moments of frustration and in the care we show one another.

God’s love has welcomed children from our homes and our community to know and to show God’s love to others.

God’s love continues to work through the dedication of our volunteers, the friendships made, and the opportunities provided through camp. 

We hope you’re getting ready for 2018… we already are!

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