Our Daily Breath

We made it! We made it through the May sweeps of Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, graduations and confirmations and all the end of school year events… Weddings. Pentecost. Things are winding down for the summer, and you can almost hear sighs of relief.

It’s good to take a breath. We all need a breather. Pentecost reminds us to take a breath. In the midst of your average busy day on the streets of Jerusalem, a strong wind blew in from heaven. The Holy Spirit swooped down with such energy that nobody could miss it. Everyone stopped in their tracks. Everyone noticed. It was God-Awareness. People saw possibilities they had never seen before. People dreamed dreams they dared not dream before. That rowdy Spirit ignited a fire within them. For some, it was a flicker of hope to be carefully tended. For others, it was a passion ignited, a new path illuminated, or maybe a faltering faith re-energized.

In the liturgical calendar, summer is the season of Ordinary Time. As we go into the summer, as we move through ordinary events in our daily lives, let us remember that the Holy is infused throughout the Ordinary. God is at work in the medium of our lives. Let us be God-Aware. With each breath we take, God breathes into us — to sustain us, to revive us, to refresh us, to re-energize us or relax us. Jesus is a breath of fresh air. Enjoy!