Summertime Worship Rhythms Begin

Last summer we got so much positive feedback about our sermon series based on the Old Testament stories we teach our youngest children, we are doing a reprise with the New Testament! In the summer, preachers and congregants come and go, but the series provides a continuity of theme. Again, with artwork adorning our bulletin covers from the curriculum of our four and five-year-olds, we hope that worship will be a truly intergenerational experience as we explore the treasured Bible stories from the life of Jesus.

We will begin this Sunday of Pentecost by celebrating the birthday of the church when the Spirit of God fills the people and gives birth to the church of Jesus Christ. The Sundays following will unfold through the life and ministry of Jesus: as a boy in the Temple, calling the disciples, healing, telling parables, working miracles and teaching.

Our hope is that children who come to worship in the summer with their families will appreciate the repetition of what they have learned in Sunday School, and that the child in each of us will be drawn into a deeper sense of God’s presence through these foundational stories of faith.

This coming Sunday we will also be celebrating the Rev. Kellen Smith’s ministry among us as Associate Pastor for Youth and their Families during worship and at the reception following. I hope you will come to give thanks to Kellen and send his family forth with our love and gratitude for good work well done these last six years.