Disciple Project Expo

As I approach the end of my ministry at BMPC, I find myself reflecting on the milestones and memories of the past six years. One of the greatest joys in my ministry is the opportunity to walk alongside our eighth graders each year during Confirmation.

Together with a dedicated team of teachers, they spent the year exploring the Bible, our Presbyterian heritage, and asking big questions of faith such as: Does God still create stuff today? Do I have to believe Mary was a virgin? Does God really hear my prayers?

After spending Sunday mornings and service days together, the Confirmation year culminates in the end-of-year project. Confirmands take part in a 30-day spiritual practice as part of their Disciple Project. Some Confirmands choose to keep a gratitude journal and others pray at certain times throughout the day. Creativity is encouraged, and we also see projects that include photos of sacred spaces.

This Sunday, May 14, following worship, our church fellowship will take place in the gym, and everyone will have the opportunity to view what the Confirmands have been working on at the Disciple Project Expo.

We encourage you to come, ask questions, and see the faith of our young people in visual form. Sometimes what we experience, we remember most. Our Confirmands will take the experience of exploring their faith with them, just as I will remember with great appreciation the ways I witnessed the faith of our youth at BMPC.