A Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

O God to whom we belong in body, mind and spirit, we meet this Thanksgiving Day rejoicing in the abundance of your blessings. We are thankful for the gift of love which binds us to one another, for passion that keeps alive the goodness of life, and for compassion that opens our hearts to others.

As the cold air of autumn becoming winter descends upon us this week, we thank you for the shelter of comfortable homes and the friendship of neighbors. We are grateful for your gathering us from our preoccupation of individual concerns, and joining us to brothers and sisters across this beautiful and bountiful country for a day to offer thanks and praise.

We invoke your presence in this world you so love, and in our nation newly aware of deep divisions, that all of your children may have the assurance of your steady, guiding hand. In places of hunger, allow for daily bread to fall as manna from heaven. In places hot with warfare, let your peace fall as gentle rain to nourish hope in a brighter future. In the wake of disasters, we pray your compassionate hand to stretch forth and bring calm and rebuilding. In every community fraught with fear we ask your safe-keeping.

Enter also our inner worlds that your loving presence may rest in our hearts, filling us with peace and joy. This Thanksgiving Day, we pray our shared meals and our shared love may unite us in hope and nurture us to further your good work in the world, through Christ, our Savior. AMEN.