Together, Growing in Generosity

Whenever the Session meets to receive new members, I am fond of including in prayer some words to the effect of: “Thank you, God, for making of this old, historic church a new church today!” The church is made up of the people of God, and together we share similar qualities and characteristics to any living thing.

BMPC could not be the church without you, our wonderful, large, diverse and deeply committed members. We are always growing as a community of faith – expanding in some areas of ministry, shifting priorities to fulfill God’s calling as new needs arise, heeding God’s call into new ventures of outreach, learning new things about faith and culture, and finding creative ways to be hospitable and caring, and engaged and prophetic. We are able to grow because you give of your time, your talent and your treasure to the work of the church.

This coming Sunday we will celebrate Stewardship Dedication during worship. If you have not already pledged online or mailed a pledge card to the church, please complete the one you received in the mail and you may drop it in the plate as it is passed when we receive our morning offering.

This year we have two simple, very achievable goals for our Growing in Generosity stewardship campaign:

To increase the total number of households that pledge. If you do not typically make a financial pledge for the coming year, we simply ask you to consider God’s gifts in your life and to respond by a tangible commitment to the church. Any gift at any amount is welcome. We recognize that some people are not able to make a financial commitment, so this year the pledge card asks you to commit to pray for the church if you cannot give financially.

To increase the 2017 total amount over our pledged totals for 2016. If you are a regular contributor, we hope you will respond by considering increasing your pledge. We can do so much more with additional resources.

BMPC can further enlarge our ministry and mission if more people make a pledge and our resources grow. I pray that you will join this wave of enthusiastic hopefulness that 2017 will be a year of growing in generosity for the glory of God.