Traveling Mercies

After two postponements, 45 BMPC members and friends in the community will finally depart for the Middle East this Sunday afternoon. In several Messenger articles and pastors columns, and in two public forums, I have written and spoken about this pilgrimage. Today, I simply want to provide you with a prayer calendar, a daily scripture reading, and several travelers’ names, so that you might include them in your daily prayers. I also encourage you to explore the tour itinerary which is available online. I also have included links to websites for our choir sponsors and venues within this calendar. 

Know that we are grateful for this congregation’s unwavering support and encouragement of this tour to the Middle East. As you pray for us, know that we will pray for you.

Sunday, June 26: Psalm 16.
Pray for the leaders of this trip: Nick Abbott, Jeffrey Brillhart, Brenda Oliphant and Rebecca Kirkpatrick… for safe travels to Tel Aviv, via Vienna, Austria.

Monday, June 27: 1 John 2:7-11. 
On this night in Tel Aviv, pray for the teenagers on the tour: Oscar Medina and Owen Yoder. May they always rejoice in the memories of what they experience on this Holy Land pilgrimage.

Tuesday, June 28: Ephesians 5:6-14. 
On this day of visits to Jaffa, Caesarea, and Mount Carmel on our way to Nazareth, pray for Carolyn Beitmann, Jim Beitmann and Susan Bravo.

Wednesday, June 29: Psalm 75. 
On this day of our first concert, sponsored by Polyphony, pray for Misoon Ghim, Colin Doyle, Sid Misra and Clara Swartzentruber. Polyphony aims to bridge the divide between Arab and Jewish communities in Israel through music and to serve as a worldwide model for cooperation based on cultural exchange, dialogue, and partnership. 

Thursday, June 30: Psalm 30. 
Today we visit the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, and the Mount of Beatitudes as we travel on to Jerusalem. Pray for Gloria Brown, Luke Brown and Sara Brown.

Friday, July 1: 2 Corinthians 8:1-7. 
This morning we visit Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity. In the afternoon and evening we will participate in an exchange experience, rehearsal and concert with the Palestinian Amwaj Youth Choir. Pray for Terry Charlton, Deb Clarke, Susan Domingos and Cody Müller. Amwaj (Arabic name for « waves ») is an educational program for children and youth established in 2015, in Bethlehem and Hebron, as an independent educational program leaning on cultural centers of the two Palestinian towns.http://amwajchoir.org

Saturday, July 2: Zechariah 14:10-21. 
After a day of visiting the highlights of Jerusalem we make our first concert appearance in Jerusalem at St. Saviour’s Church. Pray for Peggy Gregg, Ron Gregg, Fred Fletcher, Kay Fletcher, and Donna Trapp.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monastery_of_Saint_Saviour

Sunday, July 3: Isaiah 66:10-14. 
This morning we lead worship at St. George’s Anglican Cathedral and then spend the afternoon at Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to the Holocaust. Pray for Linda Gamble, Mindy Rubinlicht and Hannah Silverberg. https://www.j-diocese.org/wordpress/cathedral/

Monday, July 4: Ezekiel 47:7-10.
Today we discover the Dead Sea on our journey to Ein Gedi. Pray for Peg Gibb, Pam Haynes Walsh, and Anne Hochberg.

Tuesday, July 5: 2 Kings 5:15-19. 
Today we journey to Petra, Jordan, with a stop at Masada to ascend the mountaintop plateau via cable car. Pray for Beth Nice, Jennie Jacobson, Bill Kemmerer, Beth Vincent, and Karen Whitney.

Wednesday, July 6: 2 Kings 6:1-7. 
All day discovery of Petra. Pray for Christina Lignac-Huang, Jane Wilber, and Jeff Wilber. http://www.visitpetra.jo

Thursday, July 7: Psalm 25. 
From Petra we journey onward to Amman, Jordan, our final destination. Pray for Brian Middleton, Louisa Mygatt, and Steve Mygatt.

Friday, July 8: Isaiah 3:1-2. 
Our final day in Jordan with a recital for the children, youth, and young adults of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. Pray for Debi Saldana, Lawana Scales, Angela Scully, and Laverne Wood. http://www.iacamman.org/?fbclid=IwAR1X5uLwkTMycl2EWsw61SXNNNHoeim6GfyDnRG7r1vGvoK1Dr3b1kZ9SJQ

Saturday, July 9: Psalm 91. 
The long journey back to Philadelphia via Vienna, Austria, and Newark, NJ. Pray for a safe return for all travelers and for blessings on our hosts in Israel and Jordan.