Accessible and Welcoming Renovations


Enter through the new Montgomery Avenue Atrium entrance and make a left U-turn… to the left of the new ADA-accessible Atrium bathrooms… right before you reach Converse House.

All these statements are accurate directions to the new Caring Ministries office. Located in what used to be part of Jeffrey Brillhart’s office, the office of Carol Cherry and Renee Malnak – our church’s parish nurse and social worker respectively – is only a few steps from the brand new Atrium. And if you proceed past their door and take your first left you’ll find yourself at the entrance to the Middleton Counseling Center, which has returned to the second and third floors of Converse House.

Not only are Caring Ministries resources more readily reachable – resources like prayer shawls, grief books, counseling information and medical equipment – but physically reaching that space is more accessible than ever before. Now that the renovations are complete, access to the church campus is handicap accessible and ADA-compliant.

Nearly six years ago the Property Vision Team recommended improvements to increase access to the church campus. That was followed by the This Time, This Place Capital Campaign which had as a goal to “increase accessibility campus-wide.” After years of planning and designing it is exciting to proclaim that these improvements have been realized.

Whether you enter the new Atrium from the Montgomery Avenue side or the Sanctuary parking lot, you can access the Sanctuary, meeting rooms, church offices, and ADA-compliant bathrooms without having to traverse any steps. The walkways are wide and smooth, the entrances are equipped with ADA door openers, and there is a new elevator in the Atrium for convenient movement up to the Sanctuary or down to the classrooms.

All these renovations have been done to create a more welcoming, inclusive community. The Church of Jesus Christ is a place for everyone. These improvements help our congregation better welcome all God’s people, and make each person feel cared for.

This Sunday you are encouraged to come celebrate and experience these improvements. Within worship we will dedicate the renovations. Afterward there will be an open house where you will be invited to explore the new spaces. I hope you’ll be able to join us as we give thanks to God for the opportunity to be a more inclusive, accommodating and welcoming community.