The Beatitudes Through the Ages

The Beatitudes Through the Ages

Thursdays - November 3, 10 & 17
7:00 p.m. 
Ministries Center, Cannon Room

The Beatitudes are among the most influential teachings in human history. For two millennia they have appeared in poetry and politics, and in the thoughts of mystics and activists, as Christians and others have reflected on their meaning and shaped their lives according to the Beatitudes’ wisdom. 

But what does it mean to be hungry, or meek, or pure in heart? Is poverty a material condition or a spiritual one? And what does being blessed entail? 

The Rev. Rebecca Kirkpatrick will teach this three-week evening Bible Study drawing upon Rebekah Eklunds’ book, The Beatitudes Through the Ages, which is a stunning exploration of how the Beatitudes have affected readers across differing eras and contexts.

From Matthew and Luke in the first century to Martin Luther King Jr. and Billy Graham in the 20th, Eklund considers how men and women have understood and applied the Beatitudes to their own lives through the ages. Reading in the company of past interpreters of the text helps us see how rich and multifaceted the Beatitudes truly are, illuminating what they might mean for us today.

Books will be available for purchase this fall, but the relevant excerpts from Eklund’s book will be provided to class participants.

No matter your level of experience studying the Bible, this class will be a helpful primer on how we incorporate the history of biblical interpretation into our understanding of what the Bible means for us and for our community today.

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