Freeing Congregational Mission

Freeing Congregational Mission

Sunday, October 30
11:15 a.m.
Congregational Hall

This Sunday we will be joined by Hunter Farrell and Balajiedlang Khyllep, director and associate director of Pittsburgh Seminary’s World Mission Initiative, as they help us rethink what it means to be engaged in mission as a church based on their new book, Freeing Congregational Mission: A Practical Vision for Companionship, Cultural Humility and Co-Development.

There is a deepening crisis in mission as practiced by North American congregations. Many mission activities are more effective at satisfying church members than making a lasting difference, producing what's too often a consumer-oriented "selfie mission." Too much effort is based on Colonial-era assumptions of mission launched from a position of power. These practices are not just ineffective, they also deviate from mission in the way of Jesus.

In their book Hunter and Bala invite leaders to lay the foundation for more faithful and effective missions with three core elements:

  • A Christ-centered theology of mission rooted in companionship
  • An appetite and competence to engage across differences with cultural humility
  • Insights and strategies to accompany local and global neighbors in co-development

They will deliver key takeaways from the latest mission research, share inspiring examples from innovative congregations, and provide step-by-step tools for churches to discern and implement sound practices that will work for them. The local church community is well-positioned to build a spreading circle of relationships centered in Jesus Christ.


About our presenters:

Hunter Farrell is director of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’s World Mission Initiative. He has worked for more than 30 years as a missionary, director of world mission for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and a professor of mission and intercultural studies. He has published articles in periodicals including MissiologyThe Journal of Latin American Theology, and Christianity Today.

Balajiedlang Khyllep is associate director of the World Mission Initiative at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and regularly preaches and leads mission workshops in Pittsburgh-area churches and beyond. He belongs to the Khsai people and grew up in northeast India.